Tin tin na mbe, Anyi na ako ede and other Igbo play songs

Posted by Chineme on Saturday, September 28, 2013 Under: True Life
In our days as children growing up in Igboland, most of our play was accompanied by songs and actions to go with it. In primary schools physical education classes were usually aerobic sessions where we would sing and do the actions required for each song. In secondary schools we had Ugwu ngwo as a key aerobics song. We’ve had fun teaching our children songs like tin tin na mbe, anyi na ako ede, okereke okereke du du du ya ya and others. The only problem is when they go “mummy this tin tin na mbe is fun, let’s do it again” …for the fourth time… and I find that these bones of mine are not quite accustomed to hopping around on one foot anymore J.

Well I am glad to let you know many of our play songs are incorporated in the Uche and Uzo Say it in Igbo companion DVDs. Included are – tin tin na mbe (signature tune from vol 5 upwards), Ugwu ngwo (vol6), Okereke okereke, Akwukwo na aso uso (video 7),  Anyi na ako ede, E je m I yo okwulu (vol 8), kuo lu nu nwa ngwele aka (video 9) and many others.

Hope you and your children will enjoy them.

Dalu nu.

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